Get to know Leggtalk, Inc. Founder and CEO Dr. Donna R. Walton, who also leads The Divas with Disabilities Project. 

I was like a shattered clay pot before cancer and amputation came into my life. I knew what I was, who I was, and what I thought I wanted out of life. Then, cancer and amputation knocked me off the shelf, and I found myself in a thousand shattered pieces on the ground. There I was in the hospital, looking down at one leg instead of two, having to deal with cancer and chemotherapy. Me, whose dream was to be a professional entertainer. I often remind others that I still have two legs and it’s just that they can see only one of them.

The one you see represents what the world expects of me, the one you don’t see represents what I expect of myself.

Through thousands of hours as an amputee I have truly taken refuge in remembering that life is not how you survive the storm but more how you dance in the rain. Yet, unlike a broken pot which can’t serve its former purpose as a holder of water, I have taken the shattered pieces of my life and created tapestry made of pieces woven together to create beauty and power in the way I experience my disability—on one leg. ‘

My mission is to show others how to do the same using the platform of my new campaign—Divas with Disabilities. “Diva” is a term I use to describe empowered women who transcend their disabilities. Divas encourages more to stand in declaration of the space they occupy in affirmation of their authenticity to show unapologetically the
essence of their femininity and ask: Seriously, what’s a leg—or an arm—got to do with a woman’s beauty anyway?

Thank you for supporting Divas With Disabilities!

~ Donna R. Walton, Ed.D.